The Nether Reactor Edit

  The Nether Reactor is an awesome structure that when activated, can either mean death or good fortune, depending on how good you are, and the mode. Peaceful just gives you goodies. Survival means almost certain death. Tons of zombie pigmen just spawn with gold swords. The Nether Reactor requires the following items in order to build the reactor: 4 gold BLOCKS, not ingots(9 ingots for each block), a good amount of cobblestone(at least have 10-15 at the ready), and of course, the core itself. When attempting this, just remember make sure you have a core! The core requires 3 diamond, and 6 iron ingots. First, create a plus sign in an open space away from animals, precious resources(including water, lava) and anything important, like structures. If you use the nether reactor close to any of these items, it will turn into obsidian. When activated, it turns anything in a large span to obsidian. Don't take chances, go far!

Then, place the four gold blocks around in the corners to reate a 3x3 base of gold an cobblestone.then place the core in the middle. After that, place cobblestone in the four corners by the core. Get on top of the core and place another block of cobblestone on top. Create another cross on top. Before activating, there are a few warnings. Put down torches(recommended), bring a lot, because what ever is around you will turn to obsidian. You will find yourself in a giant obsidian structure. To activate the reactor, tap it with anything but if you are on survival mode, use a weapon, becuase this is when the zombie pigmen spawn! If you are cautious, or do not want to lose your stuff, make sure you are on peaceful mode to avoid the zombies. The pigmen have gold swords and are fast. They just start spawning out of the reactor, along with precious goodies! Melon seeds, beds, arrows, and other stuff.

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